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RC-Link Dealer Install Kit
  • Product Information
This cable kit is for installing the RC-Link connection port for CS/RS amplifiers. Install this on your customers amplifier systems to be able to plug in a RC-Link Remote Controller at will.
Key Features
Quality high strand count RC-Link cables
Zinc plated mounting brackets for longevity
Perfect fit wire lengths
Kit Includes
1 - 2" RC-Link flat communication cable
1 - RC-Link RJ communication coupler
1 - RC-Link coupler bracket
2 - 8" Black Zip Tie
Note:This wiring kit does not include a RC-Link remote control. RC-Link remotes, audio cables and accessories are sold separately.

Caution:This wiring kit is designed specifically for use with Hawg Wired audio products. Use of this kit with any device(s) other than Hawg Wired products is at your own risk.
Price: $25.95
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