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Open Box: DX504-70
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Single - DX Series 5.25 4 Ohm Component Speaker
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What's the next step to maximize your amplifiers output? Introducing the new DX Series. Based on our highly successful and proven CX Series design, these new DX Series raise the bar to a whole new level of performance. With 15% larger woofer cones, inverted cone support rings, and more clearance under the tweeter bridge, these bad boys can handle more bass and power than ever before. And with our new horned tweeters dishing out the highs, you're bound to get every ounce of power your system has to offer. No joke, the best 5.25" component speakers specifically designed for motorcycles just got better.
Compatible Bikes
'06-'13 '98-'13 '98-'13
Key Features
4 ohm impedance for amplifier systems
1.25" bridge-mounted horned tweeter
5.25" solid polypropylene cone
12 oz. magnet with rubber boot
2-way passive crossover (12 dB/octave)
Sold as singles
Kit Includes
1 - DX504-70 Component Speaker
Image Not Available
Note: Not for use in factory rear Tour-Pak speaker pods.
 Dimensions - DX Series 5.25 Speakers [From Mechanical Drawings]
 DX Series 4 Ohm Component Speakers [From User Guides]
DX504-70 Specifications

4 ohm, 25mm voice coil
70 Watts RMS, 200 Watts Peak (Rated - 70 Watts)
Effective Frequency Range: 60Hz - 20KHz
Sensitivity, SPL: 90dB +/-3dB / 1W @ 1M
2-way passive crossover (2nd order 12 dB/octave)
1.25" bridge-mounted component tweeter
5.25" solid polypropylene cone
12 oz. magnet with rubber boot

DX504-70 Harley-Davidson Applications

Recommended for 4 ohm amplifiers and aftermarket source units only. Stock 1998-Newer Harley-Davidson radios utilize 2 or 8 ohm speaker outputs (excluding some CVO radios). Due to the 4 ohm voice coils in these speakers, they should not be connected directly to the stock radio speaker outputs. Failure to follow this guideline can damage your radio and void your warranty. Not for use in Tour-Pak speaker pods.
Street Glide Road Glide Electra Glide
2006-2013 1998-2013 1998-2013

Source Unit Impedance (Ohms) Table

This information is intended for reference only, and doesn't necessarily cover all available options.
Year OEM Description Specifications
1996-1997 Radio Sound H-D Radio/Tape 2CH @ 4 ohm
1998-2003 Radio Sound H-D Radio/Tape 2CH @ 8 ohm
1998-2003 Radio Sound H-D Ultra Radio/Tape 4CH @ 8 ohm
2004-2005 Radio Sound H-D Radio/CD 2CH @ 8 ohm
2004-2005 Radio Sound H-D Ultra Radio/CD 4CH @ 8 ohm
2004-2005 Radio Sound H-D CVO Radio/CD 2CH @ 8 ohm
2CH @ 4 ohm
1998-2005 Radio Sound H-D Add-On Tour-Pak Amplifier 2CH @ 8 ohm
1998-2005 Radio Sound H-D Ultra Tour-Pak Amplifier 4CH @ 4 ohm
2006-2013 Harman/Kardon H-D Radio/CD 4CH @ 2 ohm
2006-2013 Harman/Kardon H-D Tour-Pak Amplifier 4CH @ 2 ohm
2003-2012 Hawg Wired All Amplifier Systems 2CH/4CH @ 4 ohm

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Price: $65.00
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