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What Makes Us Different
No one wants to tear apart a perfectly functioning bike and start hacking into the factory wiring, right? But lots of us do it anyway to have decent tunes along for the ride. Well the hacking stops here. Our wiring kits aren't just a generic bundle of wires, they're tailored to your specific application; solid power and ground connections, OEM matched speaker terminals and harness connectors, plug and play aftermarket radio adapters. And our amplifiers aren't just re-labeled mini-amps you can find on eBay; we design and build our amplifiers specifically to fit in your fairing, draw minimal power from your charging system, and survive the harsh environment of a motorcycle while providing endless miles of clean, clear, loud audio power. This isn't car audio with carpeting and a big alternator, this is your motorcycle we're talking about.

Our Mission Statement
The goal here at Hawg Wired is to design and manufacture the best audio electronics possible, specifically focused on the motorcycle aftermarket, plain and simple. We're building that reputation one system at a time based on the quality of our products and their performance, the level of support we provide each customer on a one-to-one basis, and the honest, straightforward way we run our business.

In this section you will find more information than you cared to know about who we are and why we do what we do, along with all the legal stuff.