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Technical Support FAQs Get Adobe AcrobatGraphics by Corel
  • Frequent Questions
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Common Problems
  • Definition of Terms
 What is the Harley-Davidson part number for that thing I need?
 What kind of tools do I need to do a typical system install?
 What wiring do I need to provide to do a typical amplifier system install?
 Do you guys do installations or custom work at your shop in Fremont?
 Do your amplifiers cause interference problems with XM/FM/CB equipment?
 What does Sharknose and Batwing mean, and where did the terms come from?
 How do I remove a Tour-Pak amplifier from my Ultra?
 How do I know which OHM rating to use?
 What's the difference between coaxial and component speakers?
 What's the difference between the DCS and CS/RS amplifier systems?
 What are the Harley-Davidson® speaker wire colors in my stock harness?
 Installing a Harman/Kardon Radio On A 2005-Older Bike
 Choosing the right source unit (radio)
 Choosing the right speakers
 Lose the spark
 Be well grounded
 Protect that paint!
 Use protection every time!
 Check your polarity
 Think before you cut
 Main amplifier does not power up (LED is off)
 Satellite amplifier does not power up (LED is off)
 Amplifier(s) power up, but make no sound (LED is on)
 Speaker output sounds low or distorted
 HUA radio adapter is not working with a compatible radio
 AC / DC
 Amps (A)
 Decibel (dB)
 Equalization (EQ)
 Hertz (Hz)
 High Pass Filter
 Impedance (Ohms)
 Low Pass Filter
 Peak Power
 Potentiometer (Pot)
 RMS (Root Mean Square)
 Watts (W)
 Acrobat™ File (PDF)
 Bitmap File (JPG)
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