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Wiring Kits: WX400
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CS/RS Series Amplifier Install Kit
  • Product Information
This is all you need to install a CS/RS Series Amplifier. From the power and ground wiring to the zip ties needed to wrap everything up, it's all in here.
Key Features
Quality high strand count power and ground wire
Professionally assembled, crimped, and soldered
Perfect fit wire lengths
Tailored to each application
OE compatible connections
Kit Includes
1 - 6' 10 AWG Power Wire w/Black Sleeve
1 - 6' 10 AWG Ground Wire
1 - 36" Remote Turn-on Wire
1 - Low level (RCA to phono) Input Cable
1 - 30 Amp ATC Fuse
6 - 8" Black Zip Tie
1 - Dielectric Grease Packet
Note:This wiring kit does not include RC-Link remote control wiring. RC-Link cables and accessories are sold separately.

Caution:This wiring kit is designed specifically for use with Hawg Wired audio products. Use of this kit with any device(s) other than Hawg Wired products is at your own risk.
Price: $49.95
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