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Amplifiers: DCS120
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Direct Connect Series 120W Amplifier
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It doesn't get any easier than this: A high powered amplifier that directly connects to your stock system. This new Direct Connect amplifier comes with our simple yet proven direct connect harness; simply plug 3 connectors together and you're wired. Completely wired. Featuring the same quality manufacturing and technology as our Competition and Reference Series, this amplifier pumps out 120 watts of continuous crystal-clear audio, enough to put the music in your face on the road. Power packing technology has never been so simple.
Compatible Bikes
'06-'13 '98-'13 '98-'13
Key Features
Regulated Class-D makes efficient power, low heat
Clean audio power without taxing charging system
Universal harnesses available for custom applications
Built-in crossovers for complete customization
2oz copper clad circuit boards, gold immersion
Conformal coated against corrosion and moisture
Pride Inside - Manufactured right here in the USA
1 Year Warranty
Kit Includes
1 - DCS120 120W (2x60@4Ohms) Direct Connect Amplifier
1 - WX120 Wiring Kit

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  • DCS Series Amplifier
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Note:The DCS120 is only 4 ohm stable, and designed to power only two 4 ohm speakers. Multiple speakers should not be connected to this amplifier.

Note: The DCS120 amplifier is NOT compatible with the RC-Link Remote Control Module and does not support amplifier linking.

Note: The DCS120 amplifier is sold with a complete wiring and installation kit. No additional wiring or accessories are required.
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DCS120 Specifications

Input Channels: 2 High/Low Level
Output Channels: 2 Channels
Nominal Output @ 4 ohms: 150W (60Wx2)
Frequency Response: 125Hz-50kHz
Low Level (RCA Line-In) Sensitivity: 200MV - 6V
High Level (Speaker-In) Sensitivity: 400MV - 12V
Input Impedance: 33K ohms
DC Output Offset: +/- 0.01V
Enclosure: 4.0"W x 4.5"D x 1.7"H

Regulated Class-D Amplifier Sound Quality:
00.005% THD+N @ 55W 4 ohms
00.010% THD+N @ 60W 4 ohms
10.000% THD+N @ 87W 4 ohms
Dynamic Range: 103DB
Over-Current/Temperature Protection
Turn-On/Off Pop Suppression

DCS/CS/RS Series Harley-Davidson Applications

Street Glide Road Glide Electra Glide
2006-2013 1998-2013 1996-2013

DCS/CS/RS Series Approved Fairing Models

Custom fairing mounting locations and fitment may vary, and must be test fit on a one-by-one basis.
Manufacturer Fairing Model
Harley-Davidson® Sharknose Fairing (Road Glide)
Harley-Davidson® Batwing Fairing (Electra Glide, Street Glide)
Hoppe Industries Quadzilla Fairing
Dragonfly Cycle Concepts Custom Fairing
Dead Center Cycles Custom Fairing

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Price: $349.95
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