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Tweeter Kits: GTK150
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Gauge Tweeter kit
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Our gauge tweeters are a snap to install, literally. Between the models of bikes that don't come with four gauges, along with the common desire to add more sound, it was about time we offered a solution. Each kit comes complete with our performance tweeters, crossovers, and necessary instructions. Other then the small amount of time for installation, nothing else is required.
Compatible Bikes
'06-'13 '98-'13 '96-'13
Key Features
Plug and play connections
Fits FLHT/FLTR style fairings
100% weather resistant
No drilling or cutting required
Kit Includes
2 - Tweeter Modules
2 - Crossovers Modules
1 - Installation Hardware Kit
  • Tweeters
  • Tweeter and Crossover Kit
  • Tweeter Solo
  • Tweeter Installed
 Gauge Tweeter Kit [From User Guides]
STK/GTK/RG Tweeter Specifications

3rd order 18 db/octave Crossover
50 Watts RMS, 100 Watts Peak (Rated - 50 Watts)
Sensitivity, SPL: 93dB +/-2dB / 1W @ 1M
Neodymium magnet, 28mm x 8.5mm

Source Unit Impedance (Ohms) Table

This information is intended for reference only, and doesn't necessarily cover all available options.
Year OEM Description Specifications
1996-1997 Radio Sound H-D Radio/Tape 2CH @ 4 ohm
1998-2003 Radio Sound H-D Radio/Tape 2CH @ 8 ohm
1998-2003 Radio Sound H-D Ultra Radio/Tape 4CH @ 8 ohm
2004-2005 Radio Sound H-D Radio/CD 2CH @ 8 ohm
2004-2005 Radio Sound H-D Ultra Radio/CD 4CH @ 8 ohm
2004-2005 Radio Sound H-D CVO Radio/CD 2CH @ 8 ohm
2CH @ 4 ohm
1998-2005 Radio Sound H-D Add-On Tour-Pak Amplifier 2CH @ 8 ohm
1998-2005 Radio Sound H-D Ultra Tour-Pak Amplifier 4CH @ 4 ohm
2006-2013 Harman/Kardon H-D Radio/CD 4CH @ 2 ohm
2006-2013 Harman/Kardon H-D Tour-Pak Amplifier 4CH @ 2 ohm
2003-2012 Hawg Wired All Amplifier Systems 2CH/4CH @ 4 ohm

GTK150 Harley-Davidson Applications

These tweeter kits are designed to be mounted in the small 2" guage holes of both Batwing and Sharknose fairings. The tweeters can be connected to most stock, aftermarket, or amplified sources.
Street Glide Road Glide Electra Glide
2006-2013 1998-2013 1996-2013
Note: 1996-1997 requires adapter harness WHA9697.

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 Watts (W) [From Definition of Terms]
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Price: $139.95
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