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Radio Install: HUA470
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Harley Universal Radio Install Kit
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Want to make installing an aftermarket radio a cake walk? Well here you go. We've combined all three of our DIN radio installation products into one kit. Includes everything needed to install supported DIN radios in your factory fairing (except for the radio, of course).
Compatible Bikes
'06-'13 '98-'13 '96-'13
Kit Includes
1 - HUA360 Harley Universal Radio Adapter
1 - DB235 DIN Radio Bezel
1 - DC235 DIN Radio Cradle

** Installing on a 1996-1997 requires adapter harness WHA9697
The Bottom Line
1 x DK470$139.95
1 x HUA360$139.95
Sold Separately   $279.90
Bundle Savings $29.95
  • Bezel & Cradle With Adapter
  • Universal Radio Adapter
  • Single DIN Bezel
  • Single DIN Cradle
  • Bezel & Cradle On A Radio
 Installation - DK470 DIN Radio Assembly [From Mechanical Drawings]
 Installation - HUA360 DIP Switch Settings [From Mechanical Drawings]
 DIN Radio Bezel/Cradle [From User Guides]
 Harley Universal Radio Adapter [From User Guides]
 Harley Universal Radio Adapter [From Wiring Diagrams]
HUA360 Specifications

Wired Remote / Steering Wheel Control adapts to:
Sony, Pioneer, Alpine, Kenwood, JVC, Clarion

Battery/Ground Power Handling: +12V @ 10A
Ignition/Ground Power Handling: +12V @ 5A
Acceptable wire gauge: 12-30AWG

DK470 Harley-Davidson Applications

Street Glide Road Glide Electra Glide
2006-2013 1998-2013 1996-2013

HUA360 Harley-Davidson Applications

The HUA360 Adapter is plug and play compatible with the following factory harness connectors:
Street Glide Road Glide Electra Glide
2006-2013 1998-2013 1996-2013
Note: 1996-1997 requires adapter harness WHA9697.

HUA360 Aftermarket Source Unit Applications

Note: The HUA360 Adapter is designed for aftermarket source units that feature a 3.5mm jack or single wire input for STEERING WHEEL CONTROLS. The following brands of radios that support STEERING WHEEL CONTROLS are assumed* compatible source units.

Sony Pioneer Alpine Kenwood JVC Clarion
Marine Grade Recommended
*Since testing each source unit model from each manufacturer listed is impossible, assumed compatibility is based on manufacturer specifications available at the time this information was gathered. Each brand of communication protocol was developed and tested using one or more source unit models from each manufacturer.

*Some brands of radios not listed above have been found to be cross-compatible with some of the brands we do support (eg. Dual, Jensen, etc.). While we can't guarantee functionality, there's a good chance that cross-compatible brands will work.

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Price: $249.95
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