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RC-Link Amplifier Remote Control
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Tired of removing and replacing your fairing cover over and over again? And how are you supposed to make acoustic adjustments to the amplifier(s) with the fairing cover off, only to put it back on and hear different results? Well, consider the game changed.

Introducing the latest family of audio products from Hawg Wired: RC-Link. It's not just smaller and less expensive, it's a brand new way of thinking about amplified audio system design. True expandability across all 2 series of amplifiers from 2 to 8 channels. Utilizing our patent-pending RC-Link technology, up to 4 amplifiers can be linked together and tuned as a single 8 channel system via a single remote control module. And you can do it with the bike completely reassembled. No more pulling the fairing cover to make adjustments, simply plug in your RC-Link remote and walk through the available amplifier channels, adjusting gain and crossover settings one pair of speakers at a time.
Key Features
Allows up to 4 amplifiers to be adjusted as one system
Soft mute turns off all channels but the one being tuned
Hot Linking allows for connect/disconnect on the fly
Status LEDs report each amplifiers status (clipping)
Battery monitor indicates the status of the charging system
Professional, plug & play, easy installation
1 Year Warranty
Kit Includes
1 - RC-Link RC104 Remote Control Module
1 - RC-Link Coiled Remote Cable with Fairing coupler
1 - RC-Link Flat Link Cable
1 - 3.5mm Low-Level Audio Link Cable

  • RC-Link Remote Controller
  • RC-Link Remote Controller Front
  • RC-Link Remote Controller
  • RC-Link Remote Controller
  • RC-Link Remote Controller Back
  • RC-Link Remote Controller
  • RC-Link Remote Controller Kit
Note: The RC-Link remote is only compatible with the RC-Link family of Hawg Wired amplifiers. The RC-Link remote is not compatible with legacy Hawg Wired amplifier systems, nor any other brand of amplifier. If your amplifier does not have the RC-Link label, it is not compatible with this remote control.

Caution: The RC-Link remote is intended to be used as an installation tool only. The user should never attempt making audio adjustments while riding, and this remote control module is not intended to be mounted anywhere permanently.
 Dimensions - RC-Link Amplifier Remote [From Mechanical Drawings]
 RC-Link Amplifier Remote Control [From User Guides]
Price: $99.95
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