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Authorized Hawg Wired Dealer Requirements & Policies Questions? Let us know 
We're always looking for help spreading the word about Hawg Wired and our products. If the following requirements and policies agree with your business practices, then you might just be the next place to offer Hawg Wired gear to your customers.
  1. Dealers must be established in the motorcycle and/or mobile audio industries, and hold normal business hours.

  2. Dealer agrees to actively promote, sell, install, service, administer warranty and conduct all business transactions relative to Hawg Wired products in a lawful and professional manner.

  3. Dealer agrees to accurately represent Hawg Wired and its products to all potential and present customers in a manner which is consistent with Hawg Wired business practices, service, and standards of quality.

  4. Dealership requires a completed confidential application, and will be reviewed during the initial consideration period (typically 10 business days). Any references given by a prospective dealer may be contacted directly by Hawg Wired personnel.

  5. A minimum opening order of $1000 is required.

  6. If a Hawg Wired dealer shows no activity for a period of more than 90 days, authorized dealer status may be suspended or canceled without notice.
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