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Amplifier Kits: RUSH300
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2014+ Universal Amplifier Kit (CSX300)
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The RUSH300 Amplifier Kit is a complete plug and play kit for the 2014+ Rushmore platform that allow the user to use existing speakers or other speakers depending on performance needs. The RUSH300 includes our reliable and performance-proven CSX300 300 watt amplifier that has a built-in pre-filter that equalizes the factory curve for optimal performance so that flashing is not required. If your radio has been flashed our 2x gain mode will accommodate low input voltages. Kit includes wiring and a Universal Mounting Bracket for 2014+ that fits the Batwing or Sharknose fairings.
Key Features
Regulated Class-D makes efficient power, low heat
Clean audio power without taxing charging system
Standard interfaces for universal applications
Built-in crossovers and pre-filter for complete customization
2oz copper clad circuit boards, gold immersion
Conformal coated against corrosion and moisture
Professional wiring makes installation a breeze
1 Year Warranty
Kit Includes
1 - CSX Series 300W (2x75/2x150) Amplifier
1 - Rushmore Universal Bracket
1 - Rushmore Amplifier Install Kit

  • CS Series Amplifier
  • RUSH Amp Kit
  • RUSH Wiring
  • Rush Bracket
Note: This CSX300 is not compatible with the RC-Link remote control.
 Interface/Controls - CS/RS Series Amplifiers [From Mechanical Drawings]
 Dimensions - CS/RS Series Amplifiers [From Mechanical Drawings]
 Rushmore Install Guide [From Wiring Diagrams]
 CS/RS Series Amplifiers - Power/Ground [From Wiring Diagrams]
 CS/RS Series Amplifiers - Outputs [From Wiring Diagrams]
CSX300 Specifications

Input Channels: 2 High/Low Level
Output Channels: 2 Channels
Nominal Output @ 4 ohms: 150W (75Wx2)
Nominal Output @ 2 ohms: 300W (150Wx2)
Frequency Response: 10Hz-50kHz
Low Level (RCA Line-In) Sensitivity: 200MV - 6V
High Level (Speaker-In) Sensitivity: 400MV - 12V
Input Impedance: 33K ohms
DC Output Offset: +/- 0.01V
Enclosure: 4.0"W x 4.5"D x 1.7"H

Regulated Class-D Amplifier Sound Quality:
00.005% THD+N @ 70W 4 ohms
00.010% THD+N @ 75W 4 ohms
10.000% THD+N @ 117W 4 ohms
Dynamic Range: 103DB
Over-Current/Temperature Protection
Turn-On/Off Pop Suppression

Price: $599.95
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