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Four in the Face (Kit)
  • Product Information
Stage 2 systems are built around our tried and true CS Series amplifier design, formerly known as the PSC series. This linkable platform is a bullet proof solution for just about any application. Our recommended Stage 2 systems range from 2 - 4 speakers, but you can mix and match them at will. All provide clean, clear, loud results that are non-invasive and built specifically for your bike.

Just as it says, all four speakers in your face. The Four in the Face system takes all 300 watts and puts it where it counts. The included GBV525 kit converts your vented lower fairings into 5.25" speaker cabinets. Want even more? Add an additional set of speakers and amp to a Tour-Pak or speaker lids and turn it into a 6 or 8 speaker beast. Our CS series amplifiers are all linkable and 2 Ohm stable.
Key Features
Regulated Class-D makes efficient power, low heat
Clean audio power without taxing charging system
Standard interfaces for universal applications
Built-in crossovers for complete customization
RC-Link Remote Control and linking compatible
2oz copper clad circuit boards, gold immersion
Conformal coated against corrosion and moisture
Professional wiring makes installation a breeze
1 Year Warranty
Kit Includes
1 - CS Series 300W (2x75/2x150) Amplifier
4 - DX Series 4 Ohm Component Speakers (upper and lower fairings)
1 - GBV525 Lower Fairing Installation Kit
1 - CS/RS Series Amplifier Install Kit

The Bottom Line
1 x CS300$349.95
1 x WX400$49.95
2 x DX504-70$179.95
1 x GBV525$149.95
Sold Separately   $909.75
Bundle Savings $90.80
  • System Kit
Price: $818.95
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