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Direct Connect w/ 5.25" Speakers
  • Product Information
Stage 1 systems are the standard in plug and play design and dish out more performance than one would expect. Each Stage 1 system is equipped with our Direct Connect harness that utilizes the bike's existing wiring as source and power to the amplifier. Each DCS harness is built using the same connectors as the factory, allowing for a record fast install that anyone can accomplish.

Following in its little brother's footsteps, this DCS combo offers the same big power found in the DCS/SX package, but speaks through a set of our top of the line 5.25" component speakers. The DX speakers offer a larger magnet and larger woofer cone to allow a bit more bass.
Key Features
Regulated Class-D makes efficient power, low heat
Clean audio power without taxing charging system
Direct Connect Harness for plug & play installation
Built-in crossovers for complete customization
2oz copper clad circuit boards, gold immersion
Conformal coated against corrosion and moisture
1 Year Warranty
Kit Includes
1 - DCS Series 120W (2x60) Amplifier
2 - DX Series 4 Ohm 5.25" Component Speakers

The Bottom Line
1 x DCS120$349.95
1 x DX504-70$179.95
Complete System   $529.90
  • System Grouped
Note:The DCS120 is only 4 ohm stable, and designed to power only two 4 ohm speakers. Multiple speakers should not be connected to this amplifier.

Note:The DCS120 is not linkable.
Price: $529.90
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