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Competition Series 300W Amplifier
  • Product Information
Introducing our latest Competition Series amplifier. Based on our original amplifier design, this new version is the smallest, most powerful one yet. 5 pounds of bang in a 1 pound bag just doesn't cut it. 150W of continuous power @ 4 ohms, and 300W @ 2 ohms; if that's not enough for in-your-face audio, we don't know what is. This new form factor allows you to fit 2 of these in a Batwing fairing (FLHT), and 4 in a Sharknose (FLTR). You won't find anything else like these amplifiers anywhere on the planet. Without a doubt, this is the heart and soul of what Hawg Wired is, and always has been all about, period.
Key Features
Regulated Class-D makes efficient power, low heat
Clean audio power without taxing charging system
Standard interfaces for universal applications
Built-in crossovers for complete customization
2oz copper clad circuit boards, gold immersion
Conformal coated against corrosion and moisture
Pride Inside - Manufactured right here in the USA
1 Year Warranty
Kit Includes
1 - CS300 150W/300W (2x75/2x150) Amplifier
1 - High-Level Input Harness
1 - Speaker Output Terminal Plug
1 - CS/RS Wiring Kit

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Tip: The CS300 amplifier is compatible with the RC-Link Remote Control Module, available here: RC104

Price: $399.95
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