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RX Series 5.25 2 Ohm Coaxial Speakers
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This pair of 5.25" coaxial speakers are a perfect fit replacement for your 2006-2013 Harley-Davidson factory sound system. They are designed to fit your stock fairing and speaker rings, as well as in rear Tour-Pak speaker pods, and provide a cost effective speaker replacement for newer bikes. The highly efficient Neodymium magnets keep the weight down while still serving up the sound.
Compatible Bikes
'06-'13 '06-'13 '06-'13
Key Features
2 ohm impedance for 2006-newer H-D
1" PEI dome coax-mounted tweeter
5.25" polypropylene mid-range cone
Neodymium magnet with aluminum heat sink
ΒΌ" thick foam gasket on mounting surface
Sold in pairs
Kit Includes
2 - RX502-50 Coaxial Upgrade Speakers
  • Solo Speaker
  • Front / Front
  • Front / Back
RX502-50 Specifications

2 ohm, 20mm voice coil
50 Watts RMS, 100 Watts Peak (Rated - 50 Watts)
Effective Frequency Range: 60Hz - 20KHz
Sensitivity, SPL: 90dB +/-3dB / 1W @ 1M
1" PEI dome coax-mounted tweeter
5.25" polypropylene mid-range cone
Lightweight neodymium magnet with heat sink

RX502-50 Harley-Davidson Applications

Stock 2006-Newer Harman/Kardon / Harley-Davidson radios utilize 2 ohm speaker outputs. These speakers are designed to replace 2006-Newer factory speakers only. They should never be connected to any of our 4 ohm amplifiers. Failure to follow this guideline can damage your speakers and void your warranty.
Street Glide Road Glide Electra Glide
2006-2013 2006-2013 2006-2013

Source Unit Impedance (Ohms) Table

This information is intended for reference only, and doesn't necessarily cover all available options.
Year OEM Description Specifications
1996-1997 Radio Sound H-D Radio/Tape 2CH @ 4 ohm
1998-2003 Radio Sound H-D Radio/Tape 2CH @ 8 ohm
1998-2003 Radio Sound H-D Ultra Radio/Tape 4CH @ 8 ohm
2004-2005 Radio Sound H-D Radio/CD 2CH @ 8 ohm
2004-2005 Radio Sound H-D Ultra Radio/CD 4CH @ 8 ohm
2004-2005 Radio Sound H-D CVO Radio/CD 2CH @ 8 ohm
2CH @ 4 ohm
1998-2005 Radio Sound H-D Add-On Tour-Pak Amplifier 2CH @ 8 ohm
1998-2005 Radio Sound H-D Ultra Tour-Pak Amplifier 4CH @ 4 ohm
2006-2013 Harman/Kardon H-D Radio/CD 4CH @ 2 ohm
2006-2013 Harman/Kardon H-D Tour-Pak Amplifier 4CH @ 2 ohm
2003-2012 Hawg Wired All Amplifier Systems 2CH/4CH @ 4 ohm

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Price: $129.95
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